Are you dealing with any of these issues and
feel there is no hope of recovering?

PTSD Medical Issues
Suicidal Thoughts
Abuse Fear
Addictions Spiritual Disconnections
Anxiety Intrusive Thoughts
Depression Relationship Problems
Stress Midlife Crisis
Anger Insomnia
Hopelessness Grief
Childhood Trauma No Life Purpose

There is help and there is hope. Big or small all problems are God’s opportunities to introduce you to a better life,
one with purpose.

We offer serveral modalities to assist you to heal from negative experiences and connect you to the love and presence of God as your loving Abba Father, your real daddy.

Faith Based Counseling & Christian Counseling

Christian Savory offers the services of: non-demnominational counseling, prayer counseling, Christian Counseling and Faith Based Counseling in Medford, Oregon.

About Christine

Christine earned her Masters degree in Education at California State Polytechnic University. She pursued her love of teaching and obtained two life credentials from the same university. She was drawn into counseling and teaching at-risk teens, and spent twenty-five years working in alternative education programs.

Her real love has always been her spiritual pursuits. As a teenager, she had a deep experience with God. As a result, she devoted the rest of her life learning how to deepen her connection to the Holy Spirit. Her interest in the power of our mind, and its unlimited potential to blend with the “mind of God” led her to study teachings about faith, teachings of Jesus, teachings of Christian mystics, autobiographies of saints, accounts of NDE (Near Death Experiences), as well as scritptures.

She began teaching in small groups in the 1980’s, sharing her knowledge and assisting other seekers to experience God directly through techniques that she had been taught by the Holy Spirit. She felt led to expand this area of service through recording CD’s and distributing them to her students.

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Abba Father Counseling Center
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Suite 212
Medford, OR 97504

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"I had an abusive father, and it caused me to always have a low opinion about myself. It caused me to distance myself from my heavenly father. But when you lead me into that experience of feeling the love of God as a Daddy who adores me, it changed everything. Finally, I have faith and trust in my ‘daddy’, and my entire prayer life is filled with faith and gratitude."

"I can’t thank you enough for your empathy and knowledge. Thank you for your insight that cleared up and resolved my issues of abandonment."

"I came into your office as a last resort. Years of psychotherapy, plus prayer had not helped me. I thought I was too lost for God to even help me. In the first session, my hopelessness left. I knew I would get better… And I understood what was standing in my way, and the enemy was having a hay day. In three sessions, the problem was solved completely."

"When you offered to give the first hour free, I thought that no other professional would ever do that. You cared more about helping me than getting money. That helped me trust you. That first appointment was the beginning of my healing of PTSD. I feel like a new person."

"I no longer suffer from depression and a desire to end it all. I am amazed at the changes in my life."

"When you took me back in time to heal my childhood trauma, and you asked me to allow Jesus be there to hold me, I had the biggest breakthrough. I really, really experienced Jesus’ love. That has changed everything."

"I now see what traditional therapy is missing….God. With Him, all things are possible. You showed me that he can take the worst part of ourselves, and make it beautiful."